Are you looking for a gift to send to a family member in Australia, a friend or loved one? Many of our customers buy wines to send as gifts yet with this can take 3-4 days to deliver. So to help provide an instantaneous gift option, we have partnered with The Lottery Office to provide a range of international lotto tickets that you can purchase online.

Like the wineries we partner with, The Lottery Office are Australian owned, Australian Northern Territory licensed and has operated since 2003. They offer Australians access to international lotteries in the same way offer a range of imported wines from all over the world. Watch video here.

Why we partner with The Lottery Office?
The team at is pleased that we can offer percentage of all ticket sales go to The Lottery Office Charitable and Community Benefits Fund, supporting charities and community groups across Australia. Below you will see some of the current lotto offers. Good luck and please let us know if you WIN!

USA Mega Lotto

European Millions Lotto

Irish Lotto

Italian Lotto

UK Lotto