Asking for Wine Advice from your Local Cellar

Invariably at a dinner or lunch, someone will ease into the conversation about their love of wine, what makes a good (or bad) wine, the type of wines they like, why and which wine regions they have traveled to (from Yarra Valley to Napa Valley, from Bordeaux to wineries in Stellenbosch).

What they don’t talk about is the good people who recommended the wine to them in their local cellar store around the corner or down the road from where they live. These local cellar owners and workers are the hero of the story, not the pontificating, three-sheets-to-the-wind, instant expert sitting at the table across from you!

To shine a light on the local cellar who is often too busy unloading boxes of wine, telling a good yarn to a customer about their trip to the winery and lunch with the winemaker whose wines they are recommending to you, we dedicate to tell the story of the local cellar owner and manager who like many of us are hardworking good natured people who are passionate about providing something different on their shelves.

Having spoken to hundreds of cellar owners and store assistants over decades, their friendly nature, enjoyment of wine and knowledge is important to capture. Giving cellar owners a platform to voice their knowledge and help you find them we believe is a great mission for everyone to benefit from. If life is too short to drink bad wine, finding a good cellar is the key to longevity.

3 Reasons Why Cellar Doors Are Growing Sales

I’m pretty sure that the dawn of AirBnB has made people enjoy Australian wines more.

Imagine enjoying an earthy Heathcote Durif red wine while overlooking river gums, rolling hills and vineyards in this lovely AirBnB House in Heathcote 5 minutes from town.

AirBnB in Vineyards. What about this AirBnB on Sutton Estate in Hunter Valley set on 27 acres  close to the wineries. And let’s not forget that  The launch of their Experiences has Suddenly, it became trendy to stay in someone’s house and experience their world. rise to the enjoyment of fine wines in a way that. For $220 you can take a Hunter Valley Wineries Tour from Manly in Sydney complete with Sean, your personal winery tour guide and the price includes tasting great Aussie wines. Thanks AirBnB for growing cellar door sales.

Tourist Want Boutique Wines. Another reason why Australian cellar doors are experiencing an increase in over the counter sales is because it’s a hot tourism activity. As noted by Wine Australia, tourist from Germany, France, UK,  Americans, China, Taiwan, Singapore love getting out into the Australian wine regions and drive to wineries and cellar doors. Having spent considerable time in Napa Valley in California for several decades I’ve watched as larger hotels, bus tour groups and reservations to book at wine tastings become normal. Australian cellar doors offer a family and friendly local feel. The world is getting more populated and people want serenity.

Emotional Engagement. What is the point just buying an expensive bottle of wine from a shelf in a bottle shop to impress dinner party friends. Bring a story to tell and share your experience of going traveling to a cellar door, who you met, how the wine was grown, places visited along the way …. that is the essence of good  conversation, sharing a meal and enjoying a glass of wine from a local cellar door that will bring back the memories forever.

Australia has and always will be a playground for wine lovers. Boutique wineries, cellar doors not advertising on Google and consumers demanding more memorable experiences with their wines are the reasons why cellar doors are proving increasingly popular.

Why buying wine from a local cellar is better?

Wine takes you places. Not just metaphysically but spatially. That moment of relaxation after a few sips of wine is the yearning wine lovers look forward to.

The excitement of tasting the tanning, fruit, body, analysing the structure of the wine and the region the grapes are grown in.

The conversation with friends about describing the taste and invariably after a few more glasses, when are you all going on a trip to the Clare Valley or Margaret River to visit the wineries whose wine you are drinking.

It all starts with visiting your local cellar as you would taking a step inside a travel agent like Flight Centre at the local shopping center. Ask the assistant for some advice on what food you’re eating with this wine and then most importantly ask where they have been recently on a wine tasting trip for work.

Remember, wineries and suppliers will invite owners and managers from the local cellar on tasting trips.

That is the really important insight you need to know as the cellar will often have stock purchased as a result of these trips.

That is where the good wines that are not advertised in the newspaper or in bigger online websites are.